The artist behind infamous Tom Brady sketch has received numerous offers for the original, jokes she would sell it for $1 million

While Tom Brady and the NFL continue to wage war in court, the one person who may benefit from the endless saga of Deflategate is Jane Rosenberg — the courtroom artist whose sketch of Brady broke the Internet last week shortly after CBS Boston’s Jim Armstrong tweeted it.

Rosenberg went on ESPN Radio this morning to clear up some details about the Brady sketch and her life as a courtroom artist. She explained that she’s been in courtrooms for more than 35 years and that she is hired by the media, not the court, to sketch trials. Over her career, she’s drawn major figures including Woody Allen and Al Sharpton, but oftentimes she only has one or two minutes to sketch something up. She rarely, if ever, goes back to touch her pieces up. (You can see all her artwork on her website, here.)

Rosenberg had no idea that her sketch of Brady had gone viral until she checked her email and saw that she’d received 700 emails that day. She told ESPN: “Then people showed me memes. I learned that word a few days ago. Some of those were actually funny and cute and I enjoyed those.” 

But for every harmless meme, there has been twice as many trolls. The cyberbullying, she said,  “hasn’t ended.”

Perhaps the most interesting nugget to come from her interview this morning, however, is when she revealed that she’s had over 25 emails from people who want to seriously buy her sketch of the Patriots quarterback. She explained that she owns the rights to the sketch — and not CBS or the court — and that she has it in her apartment. 

When asked how much she’d sell it for, she laughed and said, “I want a million bucks!”

She goes on to explain that she hasn’t responded to any of the requests and isn’t sure what she will do. But considering this is arguably the most famous piece of sports art in recent memory, maybe $US1 million isn’t out of the question.

In all, it seems that Rosenberg is handling the whole situation well and not letting the trolls faze her. 

You can listen to the whole segment here.

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