Tom Brady's reaction to being told he has to buy a $8,500 pool cover is priceless

A massive pile of Tom Brady’s personal emails were made public as part of the NFLPA’s counterclaim against the NFL in response to Brady’s four-game Deflategate suspension.

From what we can tell, none of them appear to be all that relevant to the scandal beyond Brady telling his friend that ESPN’s Mark Brunell is a “Patriot hater.” It’s mostly banal stuff: buying an URL for his company, organising a golf trip, approving offensive coordinator Josh McDaneils’ gameplans for the week, etc.

The most fascinating email chain concerns, of all things, pool covers. In an exchange from last October, Brady’s manager, Ben Rawitz, tells him he needs a new $US8,500 winter pool cover. Brady, who has made $US150 million in career NFL salary and is one of the league’s richest players, cannot believe he has to shell out nearly nine grand when he already has a perfectly fine pool cover.

He calls the pool industry “f****** idiots” and refers a company that doesn’t sell white pool covers as “morons.”

Here’s the entire email thread…

On Octber 21, Brady’s manager broke the news that he has to buy a $US8,300 cover (with a $US200 installation fee):

Brady wants to know why:

Here’s why…

Brady is not happy. His point: if we need a special cover for the winter, what’s the use of the one we have on there now?

Rawitz explains the deal with the two covers:

Brady says fine, but we can at least wait a month:

The next morning, Rawitz comes in with the full details of why he needs a new pool cover:

Brady, seemingly ok with that answer, says let’s go with white:

Welp, there are no white covers:

Brady doesn’t like that answer one bit. NO WHITE COVERS?!

At this point Rawitz brings out the trump card: Gisele has spoken, it’s over:

And thus concludes a weirdly compelling insight into how the 1% lives. It must be noted that Brady makes some good points here.

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