Playoffs Make Tom Brady Cranky

tom brady yelling at his offensive coordinator

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Tom Brady has been “cranky and intense” around his teammates this week, and Chad Ochocinco is concerned, according to Yahoo! Sports.So concerned he turned to teammates Wes Welker and Deion Branch to make sure everything was ok. He told Yahoo!:

“I was like, ‘Is Tom OK?’ You know, he’s intense, but this was like a whole new thing, man. They were like, ‘It’s that time of the year, you just have to understand,’ ” Ochocinco said. “I’ve been around a lot of really competitive people and I’ve had Carson Palmer and Jon Kitna as my quarterbacks. You know that quarterbacks are a little different. They have to act a little different because of the position. But Tom has taken that to a whole different level.”

We got to see a different side of Brady when he yelled at offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien on the sidelines a few weeks ago. Looks like Brady’s crankiness has carried over into the off season, we’ll see if it hurts, or helps him this weekend.