Guess Which NFL Quarterback Is On The Goldman Sachs Trading Floor

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady

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We hear that Tom Brady is on the Goldman Sachs trading floor.Random.

We asked our tipster what the Patriots star and NFL quarterback was doing there.

The answer?

“It’s Goldman Sachs… Why would you ask?”

The actual answer –he was there for a lunch for a charity in which he’s involved, “Best Buddies,” according to Dealbreaker.

He was also probably paying a visit to his buddy and business manager, Will McDonough, who’s a VP of Investment management at Goldman.

Hat-tip to HWBIV for one explanation.

McDonough was formerly a VP at Avenue Capital.

Brady might be the only man that inspires more excitement on the 7th floor of 200 West St, than the chief himself, Lloyd.

(Blankfein is a regular visitor to the trading floor, and his troops love it when he decides to drop by).