Tom Brady is selling his diet plan for $200

Tom Brady is selling a $200 food plan and cook book on his TB12 website, Racked reports.

The book — or “Nutritional Manual” — is more than just a standard collection of chicken and vegetable recipes. In fact, it’s a “living document.” Here’s how the website describes it:

TB12 Nutrition Manual is a limited-edition “living document” containing information about our core TB12 nutritional philosophies and featuring a library of 89 seasonally-inspired recipes that you can use to support your TB12-aligned nutrition plan.

The nutrition plan is most likely similar to the on that his chef shared with in January, which went viral online. It’s 80% vegetables and 20% lean meats and bans many ingredients, such as gluten, dairy, canola oil, nightshades (tomatoes, potatoes, and more), and salts that are not Himalayan pink salt.

Perhaps this cookbook could serve as a helpful tool for those who try and fail to eat like him and his supermodel wife.

Brady launched the TB12 website to help people achieve “peak performance” through personalised workouts.

In addition to the cookbook, the site also sells hats, shirts, and other items branded with the TB12 logo.

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