Bill Belichick story shows Tom Brady is also insanely competitive on the golf course

Tom Brady is as competitive as they come, so it’s no surprise that the five-time Super Bowl winner sometimes lets his competitive fire get the best of him at one of his favourite places: the golf course.

According to those who know him best, Brady has done some reckless things with a club in his hand, ranging from the carelessly destructive to the truly dangerous. Bill Belichick, Brady’s longtime head coach with the New England Patriots, painted a particularly perilous scene in a story he told to ESPN:

“When we played golf at Pebble Beach two years ago, on the sixth hole, it’s a big cliff. He’s literally standing out there on the ledge, trying to hit the ball. The caddie is holding him so he won’t like tumble 300 feet to his death into the Pacific Ocean. It’s a golf ball. But I think that’s kind of the competitiveness of Tom. I’m sure there’s a picture of it. I’m thinking to myself, ‘What the hell are you doing?'” 

For the uninitiated, here’s an overhead shot of Pebble Beach and its many cliffsides:

One can only imagine exactly what was going through Belichick’s head as he watched his franchise quarterback toy with death in order to avoid a penalty stroke. Every coach wants his players to be hungry for victory, but not to that extent.

Brady’s father, Tom Sr., recounted a different memory of his son at the golf course. The two played in a father-son alternate shot tournament when the younger Brady was four years old, and they came away with some hilarious memories.

“On the 13th hole, I sank a long putt and he started whining, then crying, because then he couldn’t hit his shot,” Tom Brady Sr. said. “On the next hole, I rolled a putt up to within two inches of the cup. He then got up with his putter and hit the ball about 60 feet away while taking a big divot out of the green. I asked him why he didn’t just tap the ball into the hole, and he said he just wanted to hit the ball hard. Needless to say, we came in dead last in the tournament.”

These days, Brady wouldn’t be caught dead doing anything that would hurt his chances of winning a competition, but at least his desire to hit the ball hard never left him. The 12-time Pro Bowler is a member of many prestigious golf clubs, including Riviera near Los Angeles and The Country Club in Brookline.

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