Before Winning Super Bowls And Marrying Gisele, Tom Brady Was A Can’t Miss Baseball Prospect

Tom Brady Baseball

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Tom Brady is a little more than a week away from playing in his fifth Super Bowl, but he wasn’t always the all-world quarterback married to a super model wife.Did you know he was once a promising baseball prospect whose high school coach thought was even better than Major League Baseball’s eventual all-time home run leader?

That’s the case, according to Jeff Bradley’s column in The Star-Ledger.

When he was the junior varsity coach, [former Junipero Serra High School (San Mateo, California) baseball coach Pete] Jensen was around a pretty solid all-around player, a lefty-hitting outfielder with speed and power. Kid’s name was Barry Bonds.

But there was this other player, a big, 6-4, 200-pound, lefty-hitting catcher, who, in Jensen’s eyes, stood out above the rest. The player’s name was Tom Brady.


“As good a football player as he was, I thought he was a better baseball player in high school.”

The Montreal Expos drafted him out of high school in the 18th round of the 1995 amateur draft and tried really hard to sign him. (He went so low in the draft because there were questions about actually being able to sign him, since he was committed to play football and baseball at the University of Michigan.) One long time major league scout even went as far as saying “there was no doubt” Brady would have a great career.

Of course Brady went on to have a solid, but unimpressive, four years at Michigan before being taken in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL draft, and the rest is history.

It isn’t unusual to hear stories about professional athletes who could’ve been great in a different sport. What is weird, though, is to think that the dude in the image below looked like a surefire pro anything a few years prior.

Tom Brady NFL Combine

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