Tom Brady’s Facebook documentary gave an inside look at the bizarre massages he says help him keep playing at age 40

  • A new documentary series, “Tom vs. Time,” premiered on Facebook on Thursday, giving football fans an intimate look inside the life of star Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
  • In the first episode of the series, viewers get to see a portion of Brady’s “pliability training” that includes something of a bizarre massage from his TB12 business partner Alex Guerrero.
  • Brady, 40, has credited such training for his longevity in the past.

Tom Brady’s documentary series produced by Gotham Chopra for Facebook, “Tom vs. Time,” premiered Thursday, giving football fans an inside look at the life and training of the man widely regarded as the greatest quarterback of all time.

The first episode took viewers through much of Brady’s 2017 offseason – including reliving the New England Patriots’ epic Super Bowl comeback against the Atlanta Falcons – and gave a look at Brady’s life at home and his training outside the football season.

One scene in particular may have stood out to Patriots fans familiar with Brady’s TB12 training facility, as viewers got a firsthand look at Brady’s training with Alex Guerrero.

Guerrero is something of a controversial figure in New England after a report last month said he had been barred from the Patriots’ sidelines. He was also cited as one of the central sources of rising tension between Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick in Seth Wickersham’s bombshell report on the Patriots.

Regardless of your personal feelings on Guerrero, he and his training are a big part of Brady’s life.

“I met Alex when he was coming to our facility to work with different players,” Brady says. “And I was like: ‘Yeah … What can he do? What can he do that’s been different than what everyone else has done for me?’

“And boy did I learn a lot.”

The two have become not just friends but business partners, working together to build their TB12 facilities and products. For Brady, the focus of his training is “pliability,” an emphasis on “softening” muscles that is not supported by mainstream science but that he credits for much of his longevity in the league.

“I see pliability as lengthening and softening of muscles to get back into balance,” Brady said. “Over the years, so many muscle contractions, or through all the workouts that we do we shorten our muscles. So if you can get them to lengthen, then when you contract, they can fully contract and relax.”

Brady’s pliability training involves lots of stretches and, as the documentary showed, some intense massages from Guerrero.

It may not look like your standard quarterback offseason training, but after Brady just finished yet another year with MVP numbers at 40 years old, it’s tough to deny the results.

The next episode of “Tom vs. Time” is scheduled to arrive Sunday. You can watch the entire first episode here.