Tom Brady on Trump: 'Why did I give him permission? So you're assuming I gave people permission...'

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady did not clarify whether he voted for Donald Trump in the election, but he did suggest he didn’t want his support to be publicly broadcasted.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, Brady was asked about Trump saying at a rally on Monday that he had been endorsed by Brady and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Trump also read aloud a supportive letter that Belichick allegedly wrote to him.

Brady would not reveal who he voted for on Wednesday and when asked why he gave Trump permission, he paused and said, “Why did I give him permission? So you’re assuming that I gave people permission?”

When a reporter asked if Brady did not give Trump permission to announce his support, Brady laughed and said, “I’m just gonna talk about football this week.”

Later, Brady added that his wife, Gisele Bundchen, told him not to talk about politics anymore.

Brady did, however, explain that he’s formed a close relationship with Trump because Trump has often been around the Patriots locker room and games. “Like I said, you develop relationships with a lot of different people, and I’ve certainly come in contact with a lot of different people over the years,” Brady said.

Brady and Trump were linked throughout Trump’s campaign, but Brady stopped short of publicly endorsing him. He has said that he supports his friends and that he did not want to discuss politics at length because he tries to avoid being a distraction to his teammates.

Brady’s answer was similar to comments from Belichick on Wednesday, who said his letter to Trump was out of “friendship and loyalty” and was not politically motivated.

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