Tom Brady keeps binders of memories from each season of his career -- and still has his suspension letter from Deflategate

  • In the documentary “Tom vs. Time” about Tom Brady’s 18th season in the NFL, Brady revealed he keeps binders of memories for each season.
  • In the 2016 binder, Brady had the suspension letter he received for Deflategate.
  • Brady called the letter “a nice way to remember” the suspension, which many people believe fuelled the Patriots’ Super Bowl run.

Though the entire NFL world has moved on from Deflategate, the scandal in which Tom Brady and the New England Patriots were accused of deflating footballs, Brady won’t soon be forgetting it.

In Episode 1 of the the documentary “Tom vs. Time,” documenting the quarterback’s 18th season in the NFL, Brady revealed that he has binders full of memories from each of his seasons in the NFL.

While showing the bookcase, Brady pulled out his 2016 binder, then took out a letter from the NFL that apparently informed him of his four-game suspension for Deflategate.

“I still keep this,” Brady said. “My suspension letter that I received. Just a nice way to remember.”

He added with a grin, “Thank you.”

Tom brady letterTom vs. Time/FacebookTom Brady’s letter from the NFL informing him of his four-game suspension for Deflategate.

Of course, after returning from his suspension, Brady led the Patriots to the Super Bowl, culminating in a historic comeback win over the Atlanta Falcons. In the documentary, he said that Super Bowl was particularly special to him and his family.

While pulling out binders, Brady also grabbed a 2007 binder, saying: “Oh God. That’s not a great ending to that year” That year, the Patriots’ perfect season was spoiled by the New York Giants in the Super Bowl.

The first episode can be seen here >

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