Tom Brady Is Not Interested Right Now In How The Balls Got Deflated, Doesn't Expect To Talk To NFL Until After Super Bowl

Tom BradyGreg M. Cooper/USA TODAY SportsTom Brady says he feelings were getting hurt.

A lot of people were shocked when Tom Brady revealed that four days after the NFL discovered the New England Patriots were using deflated footballs during the AFC Championship game, the league had yet to speak to him.

Now, as the scandal enters its second week, Brady says he does not expect to speak with the NFL’s investigators until after the Super Bowl and that’s fine by him.

During halftime of the Pro Bowl, Brady spoke with ESPN and was asked if he has spoken with the NFL yet about the controversy.

“No,” Brady said. “I believe they are going to do it after the season. We’ll deal with it after [the Super Bowl].”

On Monday, Brady was a guest on WEEI in Boston (via ESPN Radio) and clarified why it is important to him that he wait until after the Super Bowl to work with the NFL.

It makes sense that the NFL would drag their feet on the investigation. If there is any chance Brady and the Patriots are innocent, it is not fair to them that they be put through even more of a distraction just before the Super Bowl.

In other words, don’t expect any punishments to be handed out this week.

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