Tom Brady perfectly sums up why well-fitting clothes are the key to style

Photo: Mark Mainz/Getty Images

Tom Brady is well-known for his style, both on and off the field. To Brady, there’s really only one rule that everyone should follow — and it especially applies to men.

“Men always want and love when women wear tight and fitted clothing, right? And you’re like, ‘Wow, she looks so beautiful.’ And then you have men who dress like slobs, and you’re like, ‘What’s the deal with these big and baggy suits,'” Brady recently said in an interview with Bloomberg.

“Fit is key,” he added.

If a piece of clothing doesn’t fit you well, it doesn’t matter how high-quality the material is, what colour it is, or how much you spent on it — it just won’t look good.

If something doesn’t fit you, the extra fabric bunches in an unflattering way. Worse, it could also make you look larger than you actually are. It’s worth taking the time to visit the tailor. You have nothing to hide — especially if you’re an athletic guy like Brady.

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