Tom Brady Becomes Shareholder In Under Armour

Tom Brady

Under Armour has just landed their biggest athlete spokesmodel to date, and they are giving him a stake in the company to secure the deal.

The apparel company snatched up New England’s Tom Brady after his deal with Nike expired this summer.

Giving Brady equity in the company was key, because Under Armour — which is 1/20th of the size of shoe giant Nike — has never been able to offer the kind of cash needed to snag to a top endorser like Brady.

It’s a strategy we may see more often from UA and other upstart companies looking to gain a foothold in the market, although few athletes have the longevity and clean image to make such a deal worth the investment.

Brady’s quote about the deal, however, is priceless:

“It’s what so many of the kids are wearing, and I like to try to stay cutting-edge.”
Nothing says “cutting edge” like using the phrase “what the kids are wearing.”