Toll: Here's Why Selling McMansions To Rich People Is Awesome These Days


Luxury home builder Toll Brothers just reported their fourth quarter results today.

While they continued to lose money mostly due to inventory write-downs and other charges, they are becoming increasingly optimistic about the future housing market.


Because they’ve noticed that their key customers, wealthy Americans, are doing just fine, and have a very bright future.

They also say houses are more affordable than they’ve been in a very long time. So perhaps it’s time you upgraded your life with one of their latest models…

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Our genius is that we focus exclusively on selling McMansions to rich people!

Don't even talk McMansions if you're not ready to drop half a million dollars.

We aren't scared by high unemployment. That's because our wealthy customer base didn't lose jobs.

Long-term housing market fundamentals look awesome... especially for…

Rich people! Our customers.

In case you didn't believe us, look at all the wealthy people these days…

Much of which are baby boomers just about to retire.

Having trouble getting access to capital? We're not.

We're not the over-leveraged Toll you used to know.

So if you don't have the cash, we'd be happy to throw you a loan.

Sure we don't have AAA credit ratings, but just keep reading…

Now is a great time to buy. Houses are more affordable than they've been in a very long time. Which means...

It's time we upgraded your life with our Move Up model.

Kids gone to school? Try this one. Hopefully the name isn't too depressing.

Hipster actor/poet looking for that record deal? No problem.

Whatever you buy, feel confident that it was made by our proprietary McMansion system.

It's a great time, there is still massive U.S. housing demand ahead.

Can't afford our houses? Well there's always our stock.

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Slides via Toll's November investor presentation, but with only key slides selected and organised.

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