Toll deliveries have been missing all weekend, after a cyber attack shut down the company's systems and left customers unable to track their items

Delivery service Toll has been experiencing IT issues for days (Photo by Xu Congjun, Getty Images)
  • Toll’s Australian customers have been left in the dark, after a cyber attack shutdown some of the delivery services systems.
  • The company confirmed to Business Insider Australia its systems had been down since Friday, and it was unable to track or locate customer’s items.
  • It comes just weeks after a similar attack on currency giant Travelex, which was forced to shut down when ransomware stole 5GB of customer data with hackers demanding $US6 million in return.
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If you’re expecting a delivery from Toll, you might be waiting a while yet.

Those who have tried tracking the location and status of orders online have been greeted with error messages on the Toll Group website since late last week, after a cyber attack was detected.

“As a precautionary measure, in response to a cybersecurity incident on Friday, Toll deliberately shut down a number of systems across multiple sites and business units. Toll IT teams are working closely with global cybersecurity experts to resolve the issue,” a group spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider Australia.

The situation is believed to affect operations across Australia, India and the Philippines, with the company unable to pinpoint where deliveries are currently located. The service is often used to transport purchases from e-commerce giants like eBay and Kogan, as well as phones for mobile carriers.

While declining to elaborate, the system shutdown has impacted several of Toll’s services, as well as its customer-facing applications, frustrating customers who have had to contend with the outage for days.

“[Four] calls later and I’ve [gotten] nowhere with locating the whereabouts of my package. I literally just want to know where I can pick it up,” one complained online.

“I’m in the same boat. They can’t even give me a list of shops I can check manually. I asked them to call the driver but they only communicate via their system. Looks like they have zero process in case of an IT outage. I’ve called them 5 times over the last 5 days,” another seconded.

The attack appears to have occurred just a few short weeks after currency exchange Travelex was compromised by ransomware. In that case, hackers reportedly demanded $US6 million in exchange for 5GB of stolen customer data.

While a Toll Group spokesperson claimed customers “remain at the forefront of Toll’s priorities”, they appear as if they’ve largely been left in the dark.

“Toll Group, can you at least provide some kind of status page or update? No tracking system, emails bouncing, phones not being answered… but zero information anywhere on what is happening. Where can we find updates please?” another customer complained.

Instead, customers receive the same uniform error message when they try to track their individual items.

The error message on Toll’s website.

“Something went wrong with the connection. We’re sorry,” the message reads. “The site is taking too long to respond. This should be a short-term issue.”

Several days later however and there’s no indication of when this all might be resolved. In the meantime, customers have been left in the lurch.

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