Tokyo's Completely Insane Robot Restaurant Is On The Road - And Sydney Is The First Stop

Robots, dinosaurs, Miss Captain America. Oh my.

Melbourne can keep Heston Blumenthal and his Fat Duck creations, Sydney’s got Robot Restaurant – and it’s arguably a darn sight weirder.

Currently based only in Tokyo, Robot Restaurant is famous for being Japan’s craziest dinner and show experience. And if it’s Japan’s craziest, you may as well lump it with the “world’s craziest” tag.

It’s coming to Sydney as a pop-up, but just for two nights on February 23 and 24. Contiki is bringing the mental, hi-tech degustation as part of a promotion for their holidays.

Here’s just a taste of what to expect:

Giant pandas riding on cows:

Massive, dancing robots:

Girls dressed as Captain America bashing robots with Thor’s hammer:

More dancing bots:

Glow sticks and more glow sticks:


Girls riding dragons then fighting trolls:


It’s the first time Robot Restaurant has ever ventured out of Tokyo, and yes, there is food and drink.

If you like what you just saw, you can register for tickets here.

And here’s a video of more robot action:

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