Tokyo Olympic official backtracks on allowing spectators to watch the games

Tokyo 2020
  • Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee’s president told NBC News she’s unsure spectators will be allowed at the games.
  • She said the number of spectators is reliant on whether or not COVID-19 cases surge.
  • She made the comment after the committee announced there would be spectators at the games.
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One day after the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Organizing Committee said domestic spectators would be allowed that the games this summer, the organization’s president is backtracking that announcement.

Committee President Seiko Hashimoto told NBC News on Tuesday that officials are still determining how many spectators – or if any all – will be welcome to watch the games in person.

“We may potentially bring down the number of spectators, a cap on the spectators or … no spectators,” Hashimoto told NBC News through a translator.

She added that the plans for spectators depend on the number of COVID-19 cases. If there’s a surge in cases, fewer spectators will be allowed to attend the games.