mum Outraged as Toddler's Walkie Talkie Picks Up Foul-Mouthed Trucker Strip Club Chat

After her son’s toy walkie talkie picked up a conversation between two truckers about smoking pot and going to a strip club, a West Virginia mother is demanding that Fisher-Price recall the toy. Wal-Mart, meanwhile, the exclusive retailer of the toy, now claims on its Web site that the item is being discontinued. But you can still buy it for $19.98, if you’re so inclined.

AP via MSNBC: A West Virginia mother is seeking a recall of a popular walkie-talkie after her 3-year-old’s toy apparently intercepted a profanity-laced conversation between truckers about drugs and strip clubs.

Deborah Pancaro, 34, said she contacted Fisher-Price after she heard a conversation in which a man said “10-4” and other things that led her to believe the device was relaying a CB radio conversation.

“They said we should go smoke some weed, and were talking about being in a strip bar, some really explicit things,” Pancaro said Thursday.

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