Todd Sampson explains why he doesn't wear a suit to high-powered board meetings

Brain Trainer and advertising executive, Todd Sampson.

Todd Sampson, the advertising guru best known for his trademark t-shirt collection on Gruen Transfer is not one for getting dressed up in a suit and tie.

He has recently been appointed a director of two major Australian companies – Fairfax Media and Qantas – and is sticking with his casual style, wearing a t-shirt to his first boardroom meeting for Qantas earlier this year.

Chairman Leigh Clifford gave him a Qantas t-shirt before the meeting in what Sampson says was a “funny moment”.

“I would like to think you are not being hired by how you dress. I don’t do it to make a statement or to show I can wear what I like,” Sampson told The Australian.

“If I was in a situation where it was appropriate to wear a suit and tie, I would. And I have. If I felt that wearing a suit and tie would have a positive impact on the outcome of the meeting, I would definitely do it. But it makes no difference to how I input on the board.’’

The borderline-surfie look helps Sampson stand out in Australian corporate life.

“One of the most important strategic pillars in marketing is ­differentiation,” said Ten executive and former partner of the ABC’s Gruen Transfer Russel Howcroft.

“Just because you wear a T-shirt doesn’t mean you can’t operate in serious corporate circles.”

There’s more at The Australian.

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