Photos Of The $US1.4 Million House A Pittsburgh Steelers Coach Allegedly Trashed

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley and his wife Christine are being sued by a company claiming that they reneged on a purchase agreement, and then trashed a luxury house on their way out the door.

According to the lawsuit first posted by Deadspin, the Haleys had an agreement with Williamson and Jefferson to purchase a $US1.4 million house outside Pittsburgh once their house in Kansas City was sold.

In the meantime, they were renting the Pittsburgh property for $US6,000 a month on a standard 12-month lease, starting in August 2012.

Williamson and Jefferson claims that the Haleys violated the agreement when they never disclosed that their Kansas City home had sold in March. The company denied the couple’s request for a lease extension this summer, effectively kicking them out of the house in August.

According to the lawsuit, that’s when the Haley’s defaced the property by ripping a wide variety of appliances and other improvements off the walls and taking them with them.

Williams and Jefferson accused the couple of taking: plants, trees shrubs, other landscaping, toilets, bathtubs, water heaters, a kitchen cooktop, a kitchen countertop, dishwashers, microwaves ovens, an outdoor grill, light fixtures, cabinets, faucets, and speakers, among other items.

Here are the pictures from the lawsuit:

Where the shrubs were removed:

A lawyer for the Haleys told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that his clients deny those allegations, saying in a statement:

“The Haleys deny they ‘trashed’ the house when the builder forced them to leave. The items removed from the house were all appliances and improvements the Haleys had paid for and installed when the work was not done by the builder and the removal was done by professional contractors. The builder has also refused to return a $US62,000 deposit owed to the Haleys. The lawsuit was unnecessary but after it was filed and the Haleys asserted claims of their own, the parties agreed to submit their disputes to mediation. The Haleys are hopeful the matter can be resolved amicably through the mediation.”

Williamson and Jefferson claims that “the Property was in disarray and wholly unmarketable for sale.”

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