GRAPHIC: The Other Horrifying Air Show Fatality Caught On Camera This Weekend

Stuntman Todd Green was attempting to move from the wing of a biplane to the landing gear of a helicopter when he lost his grip and fell 200 feet to the earth at a Michigan airshow Sunday. He was taken to a local hospital, but died of his injuries.

According to the Detroit Free Press, more than 75,000 people witnessed the tragedy at Sunday’s Selfridge Airshow in Harrison Michigan.

“He was spot-on perfect Saturday,” spectator Jo Wheaton said. “The crowd was just dazzled. It was breathtaking.” On the second day of the show at Selfridge Air National Guard Base, the wind was stronger. Green couldn’t latch onto the helicopter after two attempts. On the third try, he fell from the plane’s wing.

“It was abundantly clear that he couldn’t get the helicopter,” Wheaton said. “At that point, the whole crowd was quiet because the air just felt wrong. We just wanted him to stop.”

WARNING GRAPHIC: Green slips at about 3:25 sec into the video.