Today's Top Tweets From Jury Duty

Receiving a jury summons in the mail is met with a groan by most people.

In the past, however, musings and complaints about doing one’s civic duty were only heard by spouses and friends and judges.

But, as it does with every other topic on the planet, Twitter allows those called for jury duty to send their thoughts out to the masses. 

Hopefully all these Twitter-ers are not tweeting while they are actually charged with listening to evidence. 

Thankfully none seem to be tweeting about their actual case.  Judges really frown on that.  


The Twitcher

He Should Stop Looking At Her

Bad Juror Heads To Slaughter

They Took Away His Megan Fox

Professional Psychic Excused

Good Morning Donnie Wahlberg

I Need My Twitter

The Muppets Take Jury Duty

Jury Duty Is For Old People

Someone Doesn't Feel Well

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