Today's Hometime Hoot: They Take Truancy Seriously In WA

G’day and welcome to Hometime Hoot, Business Insider’s new daily post to help you unwind on the way home from work.

Every work day we plan to post something quirky about 4.30pm, to hopefully give you a laugh and help clear your head from the day’s facts and figures.

If you find anything cool and fun to share with our readers, feel free to email me: simon.thomsen [at]

For our first instalment seems like a sweet little ad by Perth creative trio Henry & Aaron that has a sudden shocking twist. If you think the way they’re treating sharks in WA is bad, wait until you see what happens to school truants.

This video has gone crazy viral, with 10 million views within four days of it being released.

Hat tip to our colleagues at Gizmodo for pointing it out.

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