This Is What The Today Show Thinks Teen Sexting Looks Like

Last Thursday, The Today Show featured a segment on the new and shocking discovery that teens use their phones to sext each other, even though they use their phones to do literally everything else. We first saw the segment on Slate.

Today Show host Matt Lauer tries to figure it all out: “So a teenage boy will be sitting in a classroom, there will be a teenage girl he’s never even talked to, and he will pick up the phone and text her ‘I wanna hook up or I wanna do this to you, are you willing?'” he asks in the segment.

Forget the small detail of exchanging numbers — imagine if we could text cute strangers because we magically knew how to reach them! — and the notion that messages can be ignored.

The real kicker of the segment is the mockup of what the Today Show producers imagine a teen sexting session looks like. It couldn’t be more off-base:

Here’s the full segment:

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