'Today' show plays brutal clip of Donald Trump 'apparently contradicting himself' within minutes

Donald trump nbc news‘Today’/screenshotDonald Trump on ‘Today’ the day before.

NBC’s “Today” show played an astonishing clip Wednesday morning of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Host Matt Lauer said Trump “contradicts himself within a couple of minutes” in a clip of the candidate speaking on “Today” and ABC’s “Good Morning America” the day before.

The topic was a scathing ad being run by an anti-Trump super PAC, Our Principles PAC, that featured women reading out loud negative things Trump has said about other women.

“This is what happened: He talked to ABC first. … Here’s what he said when asked about that ad,” Lauer recalled Wednesday.

In the clip, Trump appeared to note that a leading Our Principles PAC operative used to work on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign. Romney and Trump have become fierce critics of each other this election.

“Well, you know, I have seen it. And it was a Romney deal,” Trump said in the clip.

“Just a couple minutes later, he appeared live on this show. Here’s what he had to say,” Lauer then said.

In the second part of the highlight reel, Trump said: “Honestly, I have not seen the ad. So I would have to see it. I have heard about the ad, but I have not seen the ad.”

Business Insider reached out to the Trump campaign for comment about the “Today” segment.

Watch below:

“Donald Trump apparently contradicting himself, when he joined both us and our friends at ABC by phone.” https://t.co/SpPcEzXjah
— TODAY (@TODAYshow) March 16, 2016

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