Today In Sports: The Lockout Ends, The Eagles Eye Favre, And Jay Cutler Gets Cold Feet

Roger Goddell

Rejoice, the NFL Lockout ended at around 2 p.m. this afternoon. Free agency gets underway this week, your fantasy draft goes down next month, and football Sundays this fall will be just how we left them. The media has yet to declare any “winners” or “losers” of the four-month long negotiations.

Here’s what else the world of sports is talking about on a pretty slow Monday:

  • There’s a Brett Favre-to-Philly rumour out there that’s making Eagles fan’s skin crawl. Keep an eye out for more of these throughout August.
  • The new collective bargaining agreement cost Cam Newton a ton of money.
  • Jay Cutler got cold feet and dumped Kristen Cavalleri for some reason.
  • The MLB trade deadline looms, but there was no movement on the big names. Beltran/Pence/Bell all sat tight today.
  • Kevin Durant has some “business tattoos” on his chest and stomach that have some people talking.

And here’s a few videos that are going around today:

  • Italian striker Mario Balotelli got a seat on the bench for this miserable backheel attempt.
  • Alex Morgan kept the women’s soccer train going with this sick side-footed goal.
  • Pastor Joe Nelms delivered one heck of a NASCAR pre-race prayer this weekend.

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