We Watched The Morning Shows' Halloween Ridiculousness So You Didn't Have To (PHOTOS)

today show halloween costumes

Halloween is like crack to morning shows.

Like your least tolerable friend, they spend months plotting team costumes and spend a ton of time and money bringing them to life.

And when it’s all said and done, they sell it so hard it makes the viewers tired.

But hey, if you can’t laugh with them — laugh at them.

Lara Spencer played Lady Gaga, while Bianna Golodryga came dressed as Beyonce.

But the best moment of the show -- and the whole morning, in our opinion -- was George Stephanopoulos channeling Gaga's alter ego Jo Calderone.

The Early Show had a Lady Gaga (in the form of Erica Hill), too -- come on, guys. Take a lesson in originality from Harry Smith's awesomely comfortable Sue Sylvester. Maggie Rodriguez was presciently newsworthy dressed as Kim Kardashian.

Something about Matt Lauer's Prince William is appropriately scary.

But we loved seeing Meredith Vieira return to the show to play the Queen.

Natalie Morales is the perfect Pippa.

Now check out what some other Halloween stars are up to.

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