HSBC Analyst & Two Girlfriends Spent Past Month In Dubai Jail For Extramarital Sex

danielle spencerJacob Carroll

Photo: Courtesy of The Telegraph

Meet New Zealander Toby Carroll, a $160,000-a-year property analyst for HSBC who has spent the past month in a Dubai jail after a menage-a-trois went horribly wrong.This story appeared in British newspapers today after a friend of one of the girls brought it to the attention of The Telegraph.

A “flirtatious” 31-year-old British girl, Danielle Spencer, slept with Carroll one night in December. [Previous reports said she was 25.]

danielle spencerDanielle Spencer

Photo: Courtesy of Daily Mail

The next morning Carroll’s ex-girlfriend, a Brazilian named Priscilla, showed up at the apartment unexpectedly. Priscilla flew into a rage, allegedly swinging a knife wildly, while Spencer hid in the bathroom. That’s when Carroll called the cops.When the police showed up, they promptly arrested all three for sex outside of marriage, which is illegal in Dubai, and/or assault.

They spent next month in jail. The two girls shared a cell.

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