Here's What To Do When Your Cell Phone Contract Is Up

Cell Phone

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My cell phone has recently started to act up.There are a number of things malfunctioning, which is making me think about getting a new one.

I’m nearing the end of my two-year contract (under my parent’s plan), so I’ll soon be eligible for an upgrade and a renewed contract.

Finding a cell phone that will last me for the duration of the plan is my first priority. My current provider has poor service in my home, so getting a better provider is also a consideration.

When my contract is complete, should I re-sign and get a new phone with my current provider, or should I switch plans and providers completely?

The Phone

Cell phones have become more and more expensive with my provider, even with the signing of new two-year contracts. This is because they offer a lower monthly price in favour of higher upfront costs. My wife’s last phone was nearly $300 with an upgrade, whereas other companies offer similar phones for around $150-$200.

My current phone has had numerous problems, so I need to decide what type of phone I want to get. My provider doesn’t currently offer the ones with the fruit on the back, so I need to do some research. I’m looking for a reliable phone that will stand the test of time. Some bells and whistles are nice, but I don’t need all of them; a simple smartphone would work for me.

When searching for the right phone, ask around to figure out what’s best. Check online reports, or ask your friends what’s worked for them.

The Plan

Finding the right plan is also very important. Over a two-year contract, the plan will cost you far more than the phone. If you have your own plan with data and texting capabilities, you can expect to pay around $70 a month. This totals $1680 over two years. Small changes in the monthly price can save you lots in the long run.

My parents still have me on their plan, making it hard to find a reason to change plans. With the two-year contract running up soon, however, I’m anticipating the possibility of growing up and moving on to my own plan. When my wife’s contract runs up, she could do the same.

Because my wife and I move around so much, picking the right provider can be difficult for us. For example, our current provider has very poor service in our home, whereas other providers have great service.

Getting the right amount of data, texting, and talking allotments is vital. I text quite often and also use my phone for social media and emailing. If I choose to switch, shopping around for the right plan will be a very important process.

How to Decide

My decision will come down to a combination of finding the best phone and the best plan. If I choose to switch providers, finding the most cost-effective plan will be imperative. With a little research, I know that I’ll be able to both save money and find the right plan/phone.

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