To Do: Schmooze, Booze, SoHo House


We are not SoHo House regulars, but we’ll be headed there tonight to check out the monthly Glasshouse New York meeting, which we’ve been told is an interesting and relatively intimate schmooze of tech and media types.

Glasshouse is a British-based networking group that aims to offer “support, encouragement and inspiration to entrepreneurs across all sectors.” Tonight’s meeting revolves around a discussion between Technorati chairman Peter Hirshberg and CEO Michael Wilson about “The Social Web”, and we’re not really sure what that means, but we have a feeling that the main point will be to rub shoulders: The RSVP list includes delegates from Greycroft Partners, EMI, and IAC/College humour, for starters.

We’ll report back tomorrow but if you’d like to stop by yourself you still may have time to register here: Last we heard there were a handful of slots left.