47 details you might've missed in 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever'

Katie Yu / NetflixThe film is full of sneaky details and allusions.

“To All the Boys: Always and Forever” is the final movie in the Netflix original rom-com trilogy based on the book series by Jenny Han

The recently released film was packed with hidden details and fun callbacks to the first two in the series.

Read on for all the details you probably missed in “To All the Boys 3.”

Warning: This slideshow contains major spoilers for “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.”

The third film embraces the series’ signature colour palette.

NetflixThe movie is full of pink, blue, and yellow.

Each of the “To All the Boys” movies has a bright, cheerful look with plenty of pink, blue, and yellow wardrobe pieces, props, and sets.

According to Netflix, the films’ signature colour palette is magenta, cyan, and yellow, and it can be seen throughout almost every scene of the third movie, from Lara Jean’s bedroom set to her colourful wardrobe.

Kitty wears the same necklace throughout the series.

NetflixKitty wears a ‘Feminist’ necklace in all three movies.

Kitty wears a necklace that says “feminist” in every movie in the “To All the Boys” series.

Lara Jean appears to re-wear her bow earrings from the second movie.

NetflixLara Jean wears bow earrings in the second and third movies.

Lara Jean wears a pair of silver bow earrings in the second movie when she goes on her first real date with Peter.

She continues to wear what appear to be those same earrings during most of the third movie. But for the wedding scene, she wears an upgraded, bedazzled version.

Peter and Lara Jean send some cute food-inspired texts to each other.

NetflixThey have a punny text conversation while Lara Jean is in Korea.

While Lara Jean is in Korea, she sends Peter a picture of her and Kitty eating cupcakes, to which he responds, “Miss you, cupcake.”

The cute puns continue when Lara Jean sends him a picture of a tray of dumplings alongside the text, “Miss you, dumpling.”

There’s a fun callback to the first movie in Lara Jean’s fantasy sequence.

NetflixPeter said ‘whoa, whoa, whoa’ a lot in the first movie.

After Lara Jean is rejected from Stanford, a fantasy sequence plays that shows viewers what the character thought her life was going to be like with Peter after college.

Lara Jean has always been an avid reader of romance novels, and this montage shows that she dreams of writing her own. In the scene, she’s at a book signing for her novel “Whoa Whoa Whoa,” which is a clever callback to the first movie in the series.

After “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” was released, fans were quick to point out how often Peter said, “whoa, whoa, whoa” in the film.

In the same sequence, fans get a glimpse at Lara Jean’s dream wedding.

NetflixKitty, Chris, and Margot are her bridesmaids in the montage.

While she’s thinking about her dream future, viewers get a quick look at Lara Jean and Peter’s wedding, in which her sisters and Chris are her bridesmaids.

This fantasy wedding also seems to take place in the same spot in the Covey’s backyard where her dad and Trina get married later in the film.

Lara Jean and her family leave a nearly identical lock next to their mother’s in Korea.

NetflixThey leave a lock on a bridge with their initials and a message.

While in Korea, Lara Jean and the rest of the Coveys go to N Seoul Tower to look for a lock that their mother left on a famous railing years ago.

Her mother’s lock had “Eve + Dan” written on one side and “For the rest of my life” on the other.

Before they leave, Lara Jean hooks a nearly identical yellow lock onto hers with all of their initials and “For the rest of our lives” written on it.

Even the graphics in the film are pink, yellow, and blue.

NetflixThe film has a few cute graphic sequences.

When Lara Jean travels back to Portland from Korea, a graphic map follows the plane around the globe.

The brightly coloured map matches the rest of the movie’s colour palette, with plenty of pink, yellow, and blue features.

Lara Jean has the same phone background from the first two movies.

NetflixLara Jean has a cute photo of her and Peter as her background.

During the first two movies, Lara Jean had the same phone background: A picture of her and Peter napping together.

In the third movie, fans can see that she’s still using the same background photo.

The cute candid picture was actually taken of actors Noah Centineo and Lana Condor when they were resting on the set of the first film.

Peter somehow got into Lara Jean’s house before she got back from Korea.

NetflixPeter sets up a ‘welcome home’ sign adorned with balloons.

Peter surprises Lara Jean by waiting for her in her house with a “Welcome Home” banner, balloons, and flowers when she returns from Seoul.

Though it’s a sweet gesture, it’s never explained how Peter was able to get into her house when all the Coveys – and their neighbour, Trina – were away.

Lara Jean’s love of Korean sheet masks lives on.

NetflixLara Jean brings Peter a few gifts back from Korea.

In the first movie, Lara Jean and Lucas don Korean sheet masks on the school ski trip.

The skin-care product returns in this movie when she brings one home from Seoul for Peter.

Though Lara Jean seems to have both AirPods and wireless Beats headphones, Margot has wired earbuds.

NetflixIt may be a comment on their age or style differences.

Lara Jean and Peter seem to be wearing AirPods when they fall asleep watching a movie together, and later in the film, Lara Jean appears to be donning baby-blue Beats by Dre headphones.

However, when talking on the phone with Lara Jean, Margot is shown wearing basic wired earbuds.

Lara Jean and Margot are a few years apart, so this technological difference may have been intended to highlight that. But the sisters also have very different styles, and Margot is definitely more “old school” than Lara Jean.

Lara Jean continues to wear the necklace Peter gave her in the previous movie.

NetflixPeter gave Lara Jean a locket in ‘P.S. I Still Love You.’

In the second movie, Peter gives Lara Jean a silver locket for Valentine’s Day, but she returns it to him when they briefly break up later in the film.

She is once again wearing it in the third movie, showing that Peter gave the necklace back when they got back together.

Lara Jean’s bedroom has a bizarre number of lamps.

NetflixHer bedroom is full of trinkets and decorations.

Lara Jean’s bedroom is a very intricately decorated set.

Alongside photos, books, and mementos, Lara Jean has at least four lamps in addition to string lights.

Lara Jean has pretty much the same locker decor from the second movie.

NetflixLara Jean has photos on her locker door.

When Lara Jean’s locker was shown in the second movie, there were visible pictures of her sisters on the interior door.

During the brief scene where Lara Jean and Chris talk about prom at their lockers, viewers can see that she’s still decorating with the same pictures, along with a new pink card.

Lara Jean has the Netflix app on her phone, among others.

Netflix‘To All the Boys’ is a Netflix-original film series.

Lara Jean uses her phone throughout the movie to text and call Peter and Margot and to check for updates on her Stanford application.

During one such moment, her home screen is visible, showing that Lara Jean has plenty of the usual iPhone apps (Messages, FaceTime, App Store, etc.) along with TikTok, Spotify, Instagram, Netflix, and the Stanford app.

It makes sense that the Netflix app is visible because it is a Netflix-original movie.

The paintings above the stairs are visible in each movie.

NetflixThe Covey house looks similar from movie to movie.

There are three portraits, of Kitty, Lara Jean, and Margot, hanging along the stairs in the Covey house.

They were visible in both the first and second movies, and they and can be spotted in the third movie when Lara Jean walks upstairs.

There are “Nancy Drew” and “Hardy Boys” books in Lara Jean’s room.

NetflixThe iconic yellow and blue spines are visible on the shelves.

Though she mostly reads romance novels, Lara Jean has some other genres in her room as well.

Throughout every movie, “Nancy Drew” and “Hardy Boys” books can be spotted on the bookshelf to the right of Lara Jean’s bed.

The books are identifiable due to their famous yellow and blue spines, respectively, which just happen to match the film’s colour palette.

The text mistake that Lara Jean makes doesn’t actually seem possible.

NetflixMessages don’t pop up like that on an iPhone.

After learning that she didn’t get into Stanford, Lara Jean gets a text from Peter asking about her application status.

When she goes to type him a response, a message from Margot pops up in the middle of her screen asking if they’re OK after their argument earlier in the day.

Because of this, Lara Jean accidentally sends a message to Peter that reads, “Of course. Love You,” that was meant for Margot – which leads Peter to believe that she got into Stanford.

However, when new messages come in on an iPhone, they appear at the top of the screen rather than as pop-ups in the middle of a different text conversation. So this text mishap couldn’t exactly happen that way in real life.

The Stanford Tree is a popular, unofficial mascot in real life.

NetflixStudents and fans often show up to games dress as or wearing trees with faces.

The Stanford Tree that Peter mentions is a “member” of Stanford’s marching band, and it’s become an unofficial mascot for the school over the years.

The school’s athletic teams are actually known as the Cardinal, one of the school’s official colours.

Even so, fans and students often come to Stanford games wearing hats like the one Peter gives Lara Jean or dressing like smiling trees.

Joan the waitress is present throughout the series.

NetflixJoan first appeared in ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.’

Every time Lara Jean and Peter go to the diner, they’re waited on by Joan the waitress.

In the third movie, she even helps Peter with his promposal, and she’s present for Peter’s big reconciliation with his dad.

Lara Jean and Peter always sit at the table her mother used to eat at with her father.

NetflixThe couple always sits at the same diner table.

When Lara Jean and her father go to the diner in the first movie, they sit at the exact same table he used to sit at with her mum.

Throughout the rest of the series, Lara Jean and Peter always sit at that table whenever they go to the diner.

Peter’s recollection of what Lara Jean wore to the diner on their first date is accurate.

NetflixThe couple goes to the diner in every movie.

During his promposal, Peter tells Lara Jean that he started to fall for her the first time they went to the diner together on a fake date in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.”

When Peter recalls the date, he accurately remembers the blue jacket and “little dress” Lara Jean wore.

Chris’ trunk for New York doesn’t seem to fit in Dr. Covey’s car.

NetflixThe luggage is completely poking out from the trunk of the car.

Chris decides to bring a massive trunk on the senior trip to New York.

Dr. Covey puts the luggage in his car and complains about how heavy it is, and it’s clear that the car trunk will never close over it, but the film never shows how they rectify the situation.

The bus the students ride when they get to New York is aptly labelled “I am a bus.”

NetflixThere’s another graphic sequence when Lara Jean goes to New York.

When Lara Jean goes to New York with her senior class, there’s another graphic map to transition the travel scenes.

When the plane lands in New York, the graphic changes to a bus, which is obviously labelled, “I am a bus.”

The map also shows famous landmarks in the states they fly over, such as Mount Rushmore and the Liberty Bell.

The signs and ads in the city seem to reveal when the movie was actually filmed.

NetflixThe advertisements suggest that the movie was filmed during Pride month.

During Lara Jean’s trip to the city, she and her classmates pass plenty of signs and ads in Manhattan, especially during the Times Square scene.

The rainbow “Love is Love” and “AE x It Gets Better” ads seem to suggest that the movie was filmed during Pride month (June) 2019.

The “Mean Girls” Broadway billboard also dates the scene, since the show closed on March 11, 2020.

Chris subtly recreates an iconic scene from “Midnight Cowboy.”

NetflixChris tweaks a famous line from the film while she’s crossing the street.

While filming “Midnight Cowboy,” lead actors Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman were nearly hit by a real New York City cab in the middle of a crosswalk, which led to Hoffman’s iconic line, “I’m walkin’ here.”

When Lara Jean and Chris are exploring New York, they end up in a similar situation when a minivan is trying to turn into the lane they’re walking past.

In what seems like a brief homage to the 1969 film, Chris turns to the silver van and yells, “We’re walking here.”

The cupcake place Lara Jean and Peter visit is a real NYC bakery.

NetflixLittle Cupcake Bakeshop has three locations in New York.

On their first night in New York City, Lara Jean and Peter go to Little Cupcake Bakeshop.

This is a real NYC bakery known for its bright and delicious cupcakes. And it’s open until 11 p.m. or midnight most nights, which means Lara Jean and Peter really would have been able to go after sneaking out of the hotel at 9 p.m.

Chris’ love for Subway is once again shown.

NetflixTrevor asks Chris to the prom with a bouquet of Subway sandwiches.

Chris is shown eating and talking about Subway during the first two movies.

In fact, her love for the fast-food chain was featured so heavily in the movies that fans noted the brand’s apparent product placement on social media.

During the final movie, Trevor even incorporates Subway into his promposal by presenting Chris with a bouquet of Subway sandwiches.

Chris and Lara Jean go to the famous bakery Lara Jean mentioned to Peter.

NetflixLevain Bakery is known for its thick cookies.

Before they leave for their New York trip, Lara Jean tells Peter that Levain Bakery has the best cookies in New York.

During the trip, Lara Jean and Chris go to the bakery and get to try the cookies for themselves.

Despite having applied there, Lara Jean doesn’t seem to know anything about NYU.

NetflixShe’s confused when she finds out the campus is in the middle of the city.

While exploring the city with Chris, Lara Jean is surprised to see that New York University’s campus is right in the middle of Manhattan.

Her surprise is a little confusing, however, because it’s a fairly well-known fact, and one that someone who applied there likely should have known.

A woman on the subway is reading the exact same edition of “Pride and Prejudice” that Lara Jean has.

NetflixLara Jean is shown reading the book at the beginning of the movie.

Lara Jean is shown reading “Pride and Prejudice” a few times at the beginning of the third movie.

While riding the subway and contemplating a future in New York City, she sees a woman reading the exact same edition of the book that she has.

There are over 150 editions and adaptations of the book, so seeing her exact copy does seem like a pretty great sign that she belongs there.

A real band called The Greeting Committee plays at the NYU party.

NetflixThe Greeting Committee is an American indie-rock band.

When Lara Jean, Chris, and Gen attend an NYU party, there’s a live band playing on the roof.

This a real-life band called The Greeting Committee, and they’re playing their song “17” when the girls arrive at the party.

However, “Beginning, Middle, and End,” which becomes Lara Jean and Peter’s song, is actually by singer Leah Nobel.

The Empire State Building is lit up in the “TATB” colour scheme.

NetflixYellow, pink, and blue are all over the movie.

The production really stayed true to its yellow, pink, and blue colour scheme throughout the film.

When Lara Jean is at the NYU party, the Empire State Building is even lit up in the three colours.

There is almost no one on the subway when the girls bring the couch onto it.

NetflixLara Jean, Chris, and Gen help some NYU girls rescue a couch.

Lara Jean, Chris, and Gen help their new NYU friends steal back a pink couch that one of the girls left at her ex-boyfriend’s place.

When the group piles onto the subway with the couch, the train car in is almost completely empty, which is pretty rare for the actual NYC subway.

Lara Jean and Peter’s bowling date is based on a cult-classic film.

NetflixPeter recreates a scene from ‘The Big Lebowski.’

Peter and Lara Jean watch movies together throughout the series – watching “Fight Club” and “Sixteen Candles” was even part of their original fake-relationship contract.

In the third movie, Lara Jean writes a list of films they have seen together when trying to find inspiration for their next date and settles on “The Big Lebowski.”

There are various references to the cult-classic film throughout the date, starting with Lara Jean quoting, “Dude, let’s go bowling” when she picks Peter up.

The sequence of Peter tying his shoe, pulling his socks up, holding his hand over the air vent, bringing his mouth to the bowling ball, and dancing after he rolls it is also from the movie.

Gen gives Lara Jean a sincere compliment about her shoes in a callback to the first movie.

NetflixGen and Lara Jean mend their relationship by the third movie.

When viewers are first introduced to Gen, Peter’s ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean’s ex-childhood friend, she gives Lara Jean a backhanded compliment about her shoes.

In the third movie, the two girls have a conversation in the exact same spot of the hallway, and Gen sincerely tells Lara Jean that she likes her shoes.

Kitty finally got the dog she wanted in the first movie.

NetflixTrina has a dog, so when she marries Dr. Covey, Kitty got a dog.

When Margot leaves for school in Scotland in the first movie, Kitty asks her dad if they can get a dog.

Though he says no, once he and Trina are engaged, her dog Henry moves into their house, and Kitty is shown playing with him throughout the movie.

Lara Jean deleted the Stanford app from her phone after she got rejected.

NetflixThe rest of the apps stayed the same, but the Stanford one was replaced.

The apps on Lara Jean’s phone don’t stay consistent throughout the film.

Once she’s been rejected from Stanford, the school’s app is no longer on the bottom right-hand corner of her phone.

When Lara Jean goes to sign Peter’s yearbook, she uses a blue pen, just like she did when she wrote their original contract.

NetflixThe blue pens match the films’ colour scheme.

Peter and Lara Jean write their original fake-relationship contract with a clickable, light-blue pen.

When Lara Jean goes to write in Peter’s yearbook in the third movie, she reaches for a very similar clickable, light-blue pen.

Lara Jean’s memory wall has references to dates she and Peter went on.

NetflixThere’s a flyer from the cupcake shop in New York.

When Lara Jean puts together a box of memories as a gift for Peter, she pulls items off the wall above her desk that reference their past dates, such as the pictures they took while bowling and a card from Little Cupcake Bakeshop.

The first photo Lara Jean and Peter took together in “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” is also hanging next to these mementos.

Lara Jean and Peter’s initials are frequently shown inside a heart throughout the series.

NetflixThe trend is visible in the second and third movies.

On their first real date in the second movie, Lara Jean writes her and Peter’s initials inside a heart on a paper lantern.

During the fantasy sequence in the third movie, Peter is shown painting a similar-looking heart with their initials on a wall.

The motif is also shown on the bookmark in Lara Jean’s yearbook.

The snow globe from the second movie can be seen in Lara Jean’s room.

NetflixThe snow globe foreshadowed an important part of the second movie.

On her first real date with Peter, Lara Jean wins a snow globe at a carnival.

The snow globe, which shows a couple kissing in the snow, seemed to foreshadow her later kiss with John Ambrose McClaren.

During the third movie, the snow globe can be spotted on Lara Jean’s nightstand in her room. But it’s shoved behind a box of tissues, perhaps to symbolise that her relationship with John is over and forgotten.

Peter’s speech to Lara Jean is fully written out in her yearbook.

NetflixThere’s a place to sign their names at the bottom, like their first contract.

Peter and Lara Jean decide to try for a long-distance relationship during college after she reads what he wrote in her yearbook.

Peter’s speech to Lara Jean is fully written out on the back cover of the book pretty much word for word. Although the written version includes the phrase “when you think about it,” which he doesn’t say in the voiceover.

When the couple signs the contract in the yearbook, Peter has again signed it first, just like he did on their original fake-relationship contract.

Author Jenny Han makes another cameo.

NetflixJenny Han appeared in all three movies.

The author of the “To All the Boys ” book series, Jenny Han, makes a brief cameo in each of the movies.

She plays a chaperone at the dance flashback with Lara Jean and Lucas in the first movie and a teacher consoling a girl on Valentine’s Day in the second movie.

During the third movie, Han is Principal Cho during the flashback scene where Lara Jean and Peter first meet.

Lara Jean and Peter return to their spot to say goodbye.

NetflixLara Jean and Peter go back to the picnic table where they signed their first contract.

At the end of the film, during Lara Jean’s closing monologue, there’s a shot of her and Peter sitting at a picnic table under a tree at their high school before they head off to college.

This is the same spot where they created and signed their fake-relationship contract in the first movie.

Lara Jean participates in the popular tradition of getting a bob before college.

NetflixLara Jean cuts her hair when she heads off to NYU.

Many incoming college freshmen seek a fresh start by cutting their hair before starting the school year.

In the final shot of the film, as Lara Jean’s setting up her room in New York, viewers can see that she’s taken part in this popular ritual. After having very long hair throughout the series, she’s sporting a layered “lob,” or long bob.

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