18 major changes Netflix's 'To All the Boys: Always and Forever' made from the book

Katie Yu/Noah Centineo and Lana Condor in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’
  • Warning: There are major spoilers ahead for Netflix’s “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.”
  • The third and final film in the “TATB” franchise deviated from Jenny Han’s novel in a few ways.
  • Peter’s promposal happened differently and Lara Jean chose a different college in the book.
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Netflix‘s popular teen rom-com franchise titled “To All the Boys” concluded with a third and final film released on Friday.

Based on Jenny Han‘s 2017 book, “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” centered on protagonist Lara Jean Song Covey (Lana Condor) graduating from college and making difficult decisions about her future — and her relationship with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo).

Like most movie adaptations, “TATB 3” strayed from its source material in a few ways.

Here are the biggest changes the film made.

The movie began with the Covey family’s trip to Korea.

Juhan Noh/NetflixLana Condor, Janel Parrish, Anna Cathcart, Sarayu Blue, and John Corbett in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

Lara Jean, Margot, Kitty, Dr. Dan Covey, and Trina Rothschild all headed to Korea for spring break. While there, they visited iconic spots (like the Instagram-worthy spot called Cafe Yeonnam-dong 223-14 and Seoul Tower), splurged on K-beauty products, and indulged in Korean food.

In the book, Dan surprised Lara Jean with the trip as a graduation gift. The vacation to Korea happened during the summer after Lara Jean graduated high school, but wasn’t detailed.

Another difference is that in the book, the plan was for the Covey sisters to visit Korea, meanwhile, Dan and Trina went on their honeymoon.

Kitty had a love interest in the movie.

NetflixAnna Cathcart and Ho-Young Jeon in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the film, Kitty immediately hit it off with a boy from Korea named Dae, who took the Covey family’s photo near the love locks on the fence at Namsan Tower.

Upon her return to Virginia, Kitty asked Peter for advice on what to text Dae, because she never had a crush on a boy before.

Later in the movie, she said that she was breaking up with Dae because he hated “Harry Potter” and called it “so dumb.”

In Han’s third book, there was no romantic storyline involving Kitty.

Margot didn’t have a love interest in the third movie.

NetflixJanel Parrish starred as Margot in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the book, Margot started dating a boy two years older than her named Ravi, who was studying bioengineering. He was born in London, but his parents were from India.

Margot introduced her family to Ravi when she brought him home for spring break. They also went on a double date with Lara Jean and Peter, and the two guys bonded instantly.

In the movie, it appeared as though there might have been plans for Ravi to be part of the plot, but the storyline ultimately got cut.

Rish Shah portrayed the character and his name appeared in the end credits of the film, but Ravi was never mentioned in the movie.

However, he could be seen at Dan and Trina’s wedding reception, standing behind Margot during one scene and dancing with her during another shot.

Dan’s proposal to Trina was much more low-key.

NetflixJohn Corbett and Sarayu Blue in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the film, there was no one else present when Dan proposed to Trina while inside her home across the street from the Coveys.

In the novel, Dan proposed to Trina while hiking on their favourite trail, right by a picturesque waterfall. Lara Jean, Kitty, and Peter all hid nearby to watch the proposal happen and record it.

The schools that Lara Jean and Peter applied to and attended were completely different from the book.

Netflix; Katie Yu/NetflixLana Condor and Noah Centineo in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

This difference was due to the fact that the movie and the book were set in different states.

In the film – which took place in Portland, Oregon – Lara Jean’s dream school was Stanford. She also applied to UC Berkeley, UCLA, and NYU. But Stanford was the goal because Peter could play lacrosse there and Lara Jean could study English Lit.

Lara Jean’s plan crumbled when she got rejected by Stanford. In another diversion from the book, there was a mix-up in which Lara Jean accidentally led Peter to believe that she got accepted to Stanford.

The backup plan was for Lara Jean to attend Berkeley (which was an hour away), transfer, and be with Peter at Stanford.

But after falling in love with NYC on her senior trip, she ultimately chose to attend NYU (the same school that Gen picked).

The end of the film showed Lara Jean (with shorter hair) settling into her NYU dorm, Peter driving off to Stanford, and the pair feeling optimistic about staying together forever despite being miles apart.

In the books – which were set in Virginia, Lara Jean’s top choice was the University of Virginia.

The school was ideal because the campus was 15 minutes away from home, Lara Jean grew up visiting the school, and it always felt like home. Plus, Peter was going to attend the school on a lacrosse scholarship.

Lara Jean also applied to William and Mary, University of Richmond, James Madison, and the Univerity of North Carolina.

She got rejected from UVA, but put in a deposit at William & Mary, which was two hours away. Lara Jean planned on transferring to UVA after her first year so she and Peter could be together.

But that all changed when she went on a spontaneous road trip to UNC with Chris after being removed from the school’s waitlist.

Upon visiting the campus, making friends with students there, going to a concert, and indulging in Mexican food, Lara Jean warmed up to the idea of going to UNC, even though it was a four-hour drive from UVA.

The book ended with Lara Jean choosing to attend UNC while Peter went to UVA.

Peter’s promposal was completely different.

NetflixPeter’s promposal took place at the Corner Cafe.

Peter, under the impression that Lara Jean got accepted to Stanford, took her to get pancakes at the Corner Cafe to celebrate the good news. Then, he surprised her with a plate of strawberry pancakes with “prom?” written on the plate.

Peter told her that this place was special because he and Lara Jean went there after their first public appearance as a fake couple at a party in the first movie. He remembered Lara Jean “calling me out on all of my s—” and that’s when he started falling in love with her. So, he couldn’t think of a more fitting place to ask her to prom.

But in the book, the promposal happened during the school trip to NYC.

While visiting the Empire State Building, Peter stuffed a teddy bear in his backpack and used it to ask her to prom. The promposal was a nod to the iconic romantic film “Sleepless in Seattle,” one of Lara Jean’s favourite movies.

The class trip to New York was a pivotal experience for Lara Jean.

Sarah Shatz/Netflix SARAH SHATZ/NETFLIX © 2021Lana Condor and Madeleine Arthur in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the film, the students stayed at a hotel in the city and visited iconic spots like Times Square.

Peter and Lara Jean also snuck out one evening to go on their own adventure. One of the places they went to was Soho’s Little Cupcake Bakeshop, where Lara Jean came clean to Peter about not being accepted to Stanford. But they agreed to make it work.

The following day, they ended up on separate tour groups for the day. While in Washington Square Park, Lara Jean and Chris ran into Gen, who was on a tour of NYU. Her tour guide invited all the girls to a college party, where they had a blast and ended up staying out for most of the night having fun.

Lara Jean’s positive experience in the city is what made her reconsider her college choice.

In the book, New York City wasn’t as significant because it didn’t affect Lara Jean’s decision about college.

The most noteworthy thing that happened there was that Peter asked her prom. Lara Jean also got to taste the much-hyped chocolate chip cookies from Levain and Jacques Torres Chocolate.

Gen was more present in the movie than in the book.

NetflixEmilija Baranac in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the third film, Gen and Lara Jean were much more amicable and put their past drama aside. Gen even genuinely complimented Lara Jean on her shoes (a callback to the first movie) and was thrilled when Lara Jean told her that she got accepted to NYU as well.

In Han’s novel, Gen wasn’t around as much because she started dating a guy from her church who went to a different school.

It was also revealed that Gen’s parents got divorced, her dad moved into a condo with his girlfriend, and her mum was hospitalized after having a breakdown for a few days.

Additionally, Lara Jean said that she made peace with the fact that she and Gen would never be friends again.

Prom night happened very differently.

Katie Yu/NetflixNoah Centineo and Lana Condor in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the third film, Lara Jean and Peter attended prom with their friends and when he dropped her home afterward, she invited him to her bedroom. Then, Lara Jean gave him her prized hatbox filled with photos, notes, and other memories.

Lara Jean was ready to have sex with Peter, but he stopped her because it didn’t feel right. Then they got into an argument, which resulted in Peter saying that they should end their relationship now, rather than attempting to make long-distance work in college.

In the book, Lara Jean’s 18th birthday took place the day after prom. So, after attending prom, the couple stopped by the diner around midnight and Peter surprised her with their go-to booth decked out with pink balloons and a cake in the centre of the table.

Then, they recreated the final scene of the ’80s movie “16 Candles,” in which Sam Baker and Jake Ryan sat at a table with a cake between them and kissed.

In the film, Peter initiated his and Lara Jean’s brief breakup on prom night.

NetflixNoah Centineo in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

After Lara Jean gave Peter her hatbox, they started kissing on her bed. Lara Jean assured him that she wanted to have sex, but Peter stopped her because something didn’t feel right.

Lara Jean insisted that she wanted to feel close to him, especially because ever since she told Peter about her desire to go to NYU, he had been distant.

Their conversation escalated, with Peter telling Lara Jean that she chose a school far away and “chose distance.” And he was sceptical of their relationship lasting with 3,000 miles between them.

Lara Jean was hopeful that they could still make their relationship work, but Peter said no.

“I’m not going to wait for this to end in three months or six months or however long we last. Let’s just end it now,” he said.

A similar conversation between Lara Jean and Peter happened in the book, but in a different setting. And Lara Jean was the one to suggest splitting up.

In Han’s novel, Lara Jean got drunk at Trina’s bachelorette party and told Peter that they shouldn’t be in a long-distance relationship because it would end up falling apart. Instead, he should focus on lacrosse at UVA while she attended UNC.

Peter countered that he saw their breakup coming, and in his mind, she had been saying goodbye to him ever since she chose UNC.

Peter also said that the night Lara Jean wanted to have sex with him felt like she was trying to put a bow on their relationship, stuff it in her hatbox, and move on to the next chapter of her life.

Lara Jean lied and said that he was right, and she did want to close this chapter. Hurt, Peter walked away saying, “We’re good, Covey. Don’t worry about it.”

Lara Jean later regretted breaking up with him, but they got back together at Dan and Trina’s wedding.

Chris and Trevor had an on-again, off-again relationship.

Katie Yu/NetflixNoah Centineo, Lana Condor, Madeleine Arthur, and Ross Butler in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

Chris and Trevor’s relationship was teased in the second movie, as the pair started hanging out more together.

In the final film, Chris and Trevor were each others’ prom dates and started dating that evening, the same night Lara Jean and Peter broke up.

The film didn’t include Beach Week, a post-graduation celebration.

NetfLana Condor in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

In the book, Lara Jean, Peter, and their friends went to Nags Head in North Carolina for Beach Week.

The trip showed the couple trying to spend more time together before Lara Jean headed to Korea for almost a month. Peter also became more distant from Lara Jean during the trip and they had a small fight.

On the last night of Beach Week, he apologised and Lara Jean told him that she was ready to have sex with him. But Peter told her that he didn’t want to, because the timing felt off and he was preoccupied with lacrosse, his issues with his dad, and the fact that he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with Lara Jean over the summer as he originally anticipated.

Han told Insider that she would have “loved” to see Beach Week brought to life in the movie.

“I think there’s some interesting fights in that part of the book that would have been fun to do,” she said. “But honestly, juggling Korea and New York and Vancouver was a lot anyway, so it would have been one trip too many to include it.”

There were no bachelor and bachelorette parties for Dan and Trina.

Katie Yu/NetflixSarayu Blue and John Corbett in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

After getting engaged, Dan and Trina said that they wanted a low-key wedding. So, they chose to exchange vows in the Covey’s backyard.

In the book, Trina’s best friend Kristen helmed a ’90s-themed karaoke night for the bachelorette party – where Lara Jean got drunk.

Meanwhile, Peter organised a steakhouse dinner night for the bachelor celebration as a way to impress Dan and get him to like him more.

Peter wrote about their meet-cute in Lara Jean’s yearbook.

NetflixPeter put a new contract in Lara Jean’s yearbook.

In Lara Jean’s yearbook, Peter vividly recalled the first time they met during the sixth grade assembly and how she became the most important person in his life.

Peter also apologised for being scared, being sceptical about long-distance working out, and hurting Lara Jean. He told Lara Jean that he supported her decision to go to New York and wanted to do whatever it took to make their relationship last.

“If you agree, then please consider this our new contract. I will love you, Lara Jean. Always and forever,” Peter wrote.

In the book, Peter recalled their meet-cute (which was similar to the one described in the film) while the couple stargazed near a lake.

In Lara Jean’s yearbook, he listed an “amended contract” with six rules. The final rule read, “Peter will love Lara Jean with all his heart, always.”

Lara Jean and Peter had sex for the first time after Dan’s wedding.

NetflixLana Condor and Noah Centineo in ‘To All the Boys: Always and Forever.’

After dancing in the tent where Dan and Trina’s wedding reception took place, Lara Jean took Peter to her room and they had sex. Peter also said that he was confident they’d end up together because they had a meet-cute.

In the third book, the couple didn’t have sex.

Han told Insider that she thought it was “nice to be able to go on this journey with Lara Jean and to experience so many firsts together.”

“We really get a full picture of what her coming of age has been,” the author said of the aforementioned scene being incorporated in the movie. “I think that it was done really respectfully and it felt to me still beautiful and fresh.”

Stormy wasn’t killed off — or part of the film.

NetflixHolland Taylor in ‘To All the Boys: ‘P.S. I Still Love You.’

Lara Jean met Stormy while volunteering at Belleview in the second movie. In the third movie, Belleview and Stormy weren’t mentioned.

In the book, Lara Jean spent less time at Belleview because she was preoccupied with college applications and senior year. But she did stop by to spend time with Stormy, who gave her a pink diamond ring – which she wore with her prom dress.

Not long after Stormy gave Lara Jean’s prom dress her seal of approval, she died in her sleep.

John Ambrose McClaren, who was part of the second movie’s love triangle, was completely absent from the final film.

NetflixJordan Fisher in ‘To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.’

John Ambrose (played by Jordan Fisher) was a central character in “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.” But his involvement in Lara Jean’s story ran its course and he didn’t return for the final instalment.

In Han’s third novel, John Ambrose played a minor role.

He messaged Lara Jean after months of silence to inform her that Stormy (his grandmother in the book) died in her sleep and the funeral was going to be held in Rhode Island.

When Lara Jean hosted a memorial service at Belleview, he showed up and told her that he was debating between going to William & Mary or the University of Maryland, College Park.

John Ambrose also told Lara Jean that he was in a relationship with a girl named Dipti, who he met at a model UN Convention at the University of Virginia. Because he and Dipti were planning on going to different colleges, they were going to try having a long-distance relationship.

Later in the book, John Ambrose showed up at Beach Week and introduced Lara Jean and Peter to his girlfriend.

Coincidentally, the third film included a classmate of Lara Jean and Peter who was named Dipti – which could have been a nod to the book.

Lara Jean gave Peter her hatbox, filled with mementos.

NetflixLara Jean gave Peter her hatbox.

Lara Jean first presented Peter with the box on prom night. It was filled with photos, like those taken during the first party they attended together and their bowling date. At the end of the film, the hatbox was seen in the front seat of Peter’s car as he drove to Stanford.

In the book, Lara Jean gave Peter a scrapbook – not her hatbox – to take to college as a way to remember their relationship.

Han told Insider that she was “fine” with Peter getting the hatbox.

“I think that the hatbox will probably go all around the world,” she said. “The hatbox has seen a lot of life. It’s been on a lot of adventures and it will continue to do so.”

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