TNA Wrestling Sacrifice 2011 Preview & Predictions

TNA Sacrifice 2011 is here already? And to think some people complain about WWE having too many PPV’s—TNA showcases roughly 16 matches between their live events. If that isn’t sobering enough, there are NINE matches at Sunday’s TNA Sacrifice, with most of the bouts announced at the last Impact taping.

This should still be a solid card, what with Mr. Anderson live chatting with fans on TNA’s website while Chyna makes her first in-ring appearance in nearly a decade and Mick Foley almost guaranteed to interject himself at some point during the night. Last year’s Sacrifice was the first ever TNA PPV I watched and ordered, and after a year I think many will agree with me that a show name change is the first tactical move in revamping an overbooked, ageing product.

STING (Champ) vs. ROB VAN DAM – TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE. Unfortunately I think we are taking baby steps because I don’t see any chance of Sting dropping the belt. From a story standpoint, this main event is weak because Sting and RVD are on relative good terms and Sting’s current nemesis, Mr. Anderson, is waiting in the weeds.

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