TNA Wrestler Qualifies For Food Stamps

Being a TNA wrestler certainly has its privileges. Making enough money to live above the poverty level wouldn’t be one of them.

I think it may be time for TNA Wrestling to institute a Twitter policy. A new series of tweets by TNA wrestler Jesse Neal may take the cake for stupidity. Neal and his girlfriend celebrated their qualification for food stamps marking an all new low for TNA.

I have not seen a company generate more controversy from Twitter than TNA. Whether it is Hulk Hogan’s “fake” tweets about quitting, Jeremy Borash direct messaging threats to fans, Matt Hardy arguing with “dirt sheet writers”, or Mick Foley mocking the company’s low house show attendance, the TNA wrestlers are out of control on Twitter. Jesse Neal’s latest tweets may be the most egregious of all.

It all started when Neal’s live-in girlfriend and independent wrestler, Christina Von Eeerie posted a tweet rejoicing over some good news.

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