TNA Impact Wrestling January 12 Report – Genesis Rematches Galore!

The 1-12-12 edition of TNA Impact Wrestling starts off with highlights from this past Sunday’s Genesis PPV, specifically, Roode getting disqualified in his title match with Jeff Hardy, thus retaining the World Championship. OK, watching Roode lick his title belt is a little off-putting.

In the Impact Zone, Roode is making his way out, and it sounds like he has new entrance music yet again (although it sounds just like his old one, minus the words). Anyone else find it funny that this version of the TNA World title belt is less than a year old, yet it’s already falling apart, and this is the second World title belt they’ve had do that? I think it’s time TNA finds someone new to make their belts. Anyway, Roode says that, in his humble opinion after Sunday’s dominant and one-sided affair, he can honestly say he has become the most dominant World Heavyweight Champion in the history of Impact Wrestling.

He is simply the greatest. Sting, you keep lining them up, and the champ keeps knocking them down, from James Storm to AJ Styles to Jeff Hardy. He has to give credit where credit is due. Hardy’s life story the last few months almost brings a tear to his eye, almost. But the fact is, on the biggest night of Hardy’s career, he failed. Roode isn’t going to embarrass him anymore, and in fact, he’ll do the opposite. The crowd wants Jeff, and so does Roode, so Roode asks Jeff Hardy to come down, humbly accept his defeat and shake the hand of the World Heavyweight Champion.

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