TNA iMPACT! Report And Against All Odds Preview

Being the last show before a pay-per-view, you expect a lot from a taping as a fan, including the return of AJ Styles from injury. Did TNA Impact live up to expectations? Who will show promise and valor coming into Sunday’s Against All Odds? Will Taz finally catch all those relinquished pigeons? All that and more…

IMMORTAL OPENING. Does TNA ever open up with matches anymore? What’s left of the castrated Immortal faction storms the ring, with Jeff Hardy kind of looking like that bad guy from Watchmen. Eric Bischoff starts by dressing down the four members of Fortune and basically calling them ungrateful losers. While his comparison of Kazarian being the Clay Aiken of TNA made me slightly chuckle, it’s pretty obvious he’s more of an Antonio Banderas, circa Desperado. Jeff Jarrett takes the mic and calls out Fortune, causing Robert Roode to probably cut the longest promo I’ve ever seen him do for the company. It wasn’t anything special, but it was nice hearing from someone who wasn’t pushing 50 or 60 years old.

 Chaos ensued and the two gangs brawled, setting the table for an extended rivalry way past Against All Odds. Back from commercial, “SuperMex” Hernandez is in Bischoff’s office, apparently accepting an offer to be Immortal’s new hit man. I like the character of Hernandez, but the dude is painfully clumsy in the ring; and to think that Immortal is just collecting bumbling giants like Abyss and Rob Terry shows me they are ready to fully except their roles as the soon-to-be conquered goons TNA promised us. Oh, did I mention Matt Hardy, Gunner, and Murphy? Immortal…more like Jobmortal.

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