Here's Another Example Of AOL's Miscues

harry levin

TMZ gets a little time in the sun in a New York Times piece penned by David Carr.

The story highlights the efforts of Harvey Levin and his staff, perhaps not in the most shining light, but certainly impressed by the success of the television show and the site that boasts 20 million uniques.

(Sample Carr observation: “The newsroom is alive and buzzing about — well, let’s face it, nothing very important.”)

Notably absent, however: Any mention of AOL, which co-owned the company along with Time Warner until it went public.

For a long time, AOL trumpeted TMZ as a model for its editorial operations.

But then AOL struggled to monetise TMZ before splitting with its sales staff.

At the time, AOL’s staff pitched Popeater as the more successful brand — and the unique visitors backed them up.

But those uniques were probably sent by AOL’s homepage; admit it, you’ve never heard of Popeater.

Now TMZ has about 20 million unique visitors per month – about two thirds as many as $315 million AOL acquisition Huffington Post has.

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