Double-kick field goal is the most bizarre highlight of the football weekend

College football always has its fair share of ridiculous highlights and Texas Lutheran’s game on Saturday was no exception.

With the amount of games on any given Saturday and coaches willing to risk it all on a trick play to beat a longtime rival, college football often offers fans the craziest highlights this side of a 25-point Super Bowl comeback.

This past Saturday was more of the same, with Texas Lutheran scoring three points on what is surely the strangest field goal attempt you’ve ever seen.

Kicker Tyler Hopkins lined up for a short attempt and was ready to split the uprights, but his effort was thwarted by a Belhaven defender who blocked the kick.

As the live ball spun on the field after the initial block, the first person to make a play for it was Hopkins, who acted on instinct and struck the ball again, this time sending the ball smoothly through for a converted field goal. It took two efforts, but Hopkins got his three points.

You can watch the bizarre play unfold below, courtesy of TLU Athletics.

The play is certainly exciting, especially when you see how quickly it all happens in real time, but it technically should not have counted, as the second attempt is very clearly against the NCAA rule book.

1. a. A field goal shall be scored if a scrimmage kick, which may be a drop kick or place kick, passes over the crossbar between the uprights of the receiving team’s goal before it touches a player of the kicking team or the ground

In this case, the ball touched both the ground and a player from the kicking team after the initial attempt but before passing through the posts, meaning the play should have been dead by two counts. But given the strangeness of situation, you can forgive the refs for awarding three points to TLU.

The field goal wouldn’t go on to be of much significance anyways, as the Bulldogs would go on to win the game by a final score of 37-0. While Hopkins’ play was technically illegal, college players should never let a bit of rulebook legalese get in the way of a good highlight.

@espn Have you ever seen this? Texas Lutheran’s Tyler Hopkins has FG blocked only to kick again off bounce for 18-yard FG! #sctop10 #D3fb
— TLU Bulldogs (@tluathletics) September 17, 2017

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