TiVo/Rhapsody Create TV Music Service No One Will Use*

Two companies battling for relevance/survival, TiVo and Rhapsody (JV between RNWK and MTV VIAB), have joined forces to allow you to listen to music on your TV, says the Post.  There is an ulterior motive here, thankfully, which is to horn in on your living room (a la Xbox and AppleTV), but even that seems a stretch:

TiVo and Rhapsody are joining forces to deliver digital music service directly to TiVo consumers’ televisions via the digital video recording company’s set-top box.

The move, expected to be announced today, continues TiVo’s drive to differentiate itself from the generic digital video recorders offered by cable and satellite television companies by offering content beyond recorded TV shows.

Users of the new service will get one month free and then have to fork over $12.99 for a subscription (as if the TV platform alone weren’t a barrier).  TiVo has 4.2 million subscribers.  Rhapsody has 2.5 million.  Peter Lauria, NY Post

*The original version of this post repeated the Post’s assertion that Rhapsody was a JV between Real Networks and MTV.  A commenter said it wasn’t.  Rhapsody confirms that it is.

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