TiVo Has Laid Off All But Two Hardware Engineers [Report]

There seems to be a major internal shift happening over at DVR maker TiVo.

Earlier today, a Wired report noted that the company has laid off five of its hardware engineers. According to Wired’s sources within the company, TiVo is effectively abandoning the hardware business. (A company spokesperson later denied that was the case to Harry McCracken at Time.)

The report also claims that two engineers from the team were kept on to “handle support for current and planned third-party devices running TiVo’s software.”

In a follow-up post at TIME, TiVo VP of PR and Corporate Communications Steve Wymer confirmed that “levels of staffing” were “balanced” but did not address numbers:

“We continue to balance appropriate levels of staffing and expertise necessary to support our existing hardware business and continue our innovation in hardware platforms and accessories with the need to allocate resources where strategic growth opportunities exist — and there is no doubt that we expect growth in the cloud-based delivery aspects of TiVo’s business.”

This news doesn’t mean that TiVo is in huge trouble. As Wymer’s quote implies, this may simply reflect TiVo’s strategy shift from making boxes sold to end users to making software to be distributed on set-top boxes provided by cable companies themselves.

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