7 Ways To Save The Money You're Wasting On TiVo


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TiVo charges $20 per month or $500 for lifetime service.Given the capabilities of the average home computer, this is wasted money.

There are free and cheap software/hardware combinations that can easily turn your computer into a fearsome DVR that will have you saying, “TiVo who?”

Beyond TV is pretty fully-featured.

Beyond TV lets you record, rewind, and pause live TV, but where it shines is in its ability to convert shows for watching them on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. And there are a slew of compression and DVD burning options.

For Windows users.

Price: $100 plus your choice of add-ons

MythTV is free and awesome.

Those wanting an open-source solution should turn to MythTV, a high featured DVR that's in perpetual development and has a strong online community.

For Linux users.

Price: free

EyeTV is a no-brainer for Mac users.

Record awesome HD programming in the H.264 codec so that the finished recording is ready to go on your iDevice without any conversion. And consider the fact that this comes with a remote control -- your computer could ultimately become your TV and your TiVo.

For Mac users.

Price: $170

GB-PVR is the open-source solution for Windows users.

Windows users have an open-source choice as well. GB-PVR is free and just as functional as you might hope.

For Windows users.

Price: free

Freevo works across platforms.

Freevo delivers on all the essential DVR features and that price tag is tough to beat.

For Linux and OSX users. Limited Windows functionality.

Price: free

SageTV was recently acquired by Google.

SageTV is a super-flexible platform that supports cable and satellite TV. It also organizes music and photos if you want. Parents will like knowing that it offers extensive parental controls.

For Windows, Mac, and Linux users.

Price: varies

Don't want to mess with a computer?

Then use something like this DVD recorder with a 120 GB hard drive. It's the VCR of our times.

Price: $265

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