Tito Ortiz Confronts Matt Mitrione At UFC Summit (Video)

If you follow Tito Ortiz on Twitter (and you should since he retweeted me), you would have known to look out for a confrontation between Tito Ortiz and UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione. Apparently Roy Nelson does as he captured the heated words on video.

The UFC brought all of its fighters together Wednesday for a summit. The summit consisted of several seminars that covered everything from marketing to managing your money. Bringing together a room full of fighters, some with disagreements for an entire day was a recipe for disaster as the UFC found out with Mitrione and Ortiz.

I don’t know exactly what the root of the problem is between these two but Tito tweeted earlier in the day about his dislike for Mitrione. This tweet came early in the morning in response to a fan.

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