Guess Which ’90s Movie Phenom Is Returning To theatres? (Hint: There’s A Boat)


Mark your calendars and reawaken your 12-year-old self.

“Titanic” — the 1997 James Cameron epic that drew repeat viewers to theatres again and again — will return to theatres on April 6, 2012.

That’s the 100th anniversary of the tragic ship’s sinking.

The film will be restored and — this is Cameron, after all — presented in 3-D.

Movies that can carry a theatrical run years after their release are few and far between — but “Titanic” is one of those movies that will benefit from the fact that its creator and stars (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet) have only become more successful since its debut.

Plus, it’s got the timely hook of the historical event’s anniversary — and the nostalgic affection of a generation of moviegoers.

“Titanic” made $1.84 billion during its first theatrical run. We’ll see how it does in its return.

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