Have $60,000 To Spare? Take A Luxury Cruise To See The Sunken Titanic

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Have you ever wanted to visit the Titanic? Do you have a spare $60,000?

Then have we got the trip for you!

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the Titanic sinking, which is coming on April 15th, an expensive two week cruise to see the wreckage has been snatched up by 80 people so far, according to The New York Times.

The passengers go from a luxurious cruise ship into a cramped submersible for eight to 10 hours, where they are then able to descend all the way down to the sunken luxury liner. Deep Ocean Expeditions has been running this extreme way of remembering the disaster for years.

A number of other ships will be gathering a the shipwreck to commemorate the Titanic, but this may be the last year to get really up close and personal.

With Deep Ocean Expeditions ending their passenger tours of the ship, getting an in person look at Titanic is only going to get harder and harder. There may be other tours beginning in 2013, but right now nothing is guaranteed.

Unfortunately, we will not be among the people seeing the wreckage.

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