This App Will Automatically Kill Your Pointless Meetings


, a marketing agency, has created an app to help end meeting dependency. The Cost Of Meeting App or C.O.M.A. – which aptly describes what kind of state you retreat to in the face of the constant meetings – shows agencies and their clients just how much money they waste on those long conference calls.

The agency, based in the Netherlands, built the app in-house after realising that there comes a point in every meeting when the work is done and you are sitting there still.

Agencies are particularly guilty of this: There are meetings to create strategy and meetings to review strategy. Teams sit in meetings to brief creative teams, meetings to re-brief creative teams, and meetings to squeak approvals out of clients. In some cases, there are even meetings to plan more meetings.

And a meeting is never just two or three people. In many cases a review or client call means that the entire 20-person team wants to be present, from directors down to assistants.

The C.O.M.A app signals when a meeting needs to be shut down. Just open the app, set the number of attendees and the average hourly bill rate, hit start, and let the app show you how much money is spent, or wasted, if the whole thing seems pointless.

Or, as LBi instructs:

Step 1: Start the app.

Step 2: Casually point out how much money has been wasted already.

Step 3: Meeting adjourned.