This Instant Coffee Is Supposed To Ward Off The Flu

This is the Probiotic Instant Coffee from Tipton Mills.

Why We Love It: Probiotics are live microorganisms (like those commonly found in yogurt) that are said to battle bad bacteria in your body without harming beneficial bacteria. These tiny do-gooders are thought to be beneficial to digestion, as well as a possible preventative measure against contracting the common cold and flu by improving the body’s immune system.

Marketed as the “world’s first probiotic coffee,” this Tipton Mills instant pack is said to support your digestive and immune health. Recommended to be taken with a balanced diet and lifestyle, the coffee is described by the company as a, “bold Colombian coffee with a complex identity. It’s instant coffee that tastes freshly ground and brewed.”

It comes in either a standard package of six coffee packets, or a bigger pack of 36.

Tipton Mills Probiotic Coffee

Photo: Tipton Mills

Where To Buy: Available through the Tipton Mills website.

Cost: $5.49 for a pack of 6, $32.49 for a pack of 36.

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