5 Tips On Making Your Business Greener From Actor Matthew Modine

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This article originally appeared at American Express OpenForumActor and filmmaker Matthew Modine—of “Full Metal Jacket” and “Vision Quest” fame—is also an avid environmentalist. In fact, he couldn’t be more unlike the corrupt city developer he plays on Showtime’s Weeds.

While not filming the last instalment in the Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, or promoting his latest project, Jesus Was A Commie, he is living and promoting a green lifestyle—for example, with his DO-ONE Campaign, a viral video project that encourages and empowers individuals to “Do One” thing everyday to reduce consumption and wastefulness.

“The film industry is always working to reduce waste on sets,” he says. “Most of the artists in the business are progressive thinkers, so there are great efforts to recycle on sets. Some are better and more conscious than others.”

We spoke with him about the environmental impact he’s had on the film industry and how small businesses can apply similar principles to become greener and more sustainable:

Change the old system and bring in new ideas

Create realistic goals

Work with the community

Be transparent with your environmental values

Do some research on your community

Contact the Environmental Protection Agency and see what your business can do locally. Don't do business with known polluters in your community. In New York, Modine is a proponent of the clean water organisation the Riverkeeper Alliance.

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