10 Tips For travelling To The World's Most Dangerous Places

travelling in Danger

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Aloe Vera inside of a smoke mask filters toxic chemicals out of the smoke.Establishing some kind of common ground with your kidnappers so they think of you as a person and not an object is key. 

Family and sports are good topics.

Ok, so you will probably never be in a situation drastic enough to rely on those tips.

Still, it’s a good idea to know how to behave and what not to do when travelling to dangerous places. Some basic knowledge might make a difference between a seriously scary situation and a thrill journey to write home about.

So Take A Look At These Top 10 Tips For travelling To A Dangerous Country >


# 1 - Tell People What You're Up To

Let people know your plans, keep an ID card on you at all times, and leave travel itineraries and estimated arrival times with someone back home.

Then make sure to check in with them regularly.

# 2 - Plan Your Trip

Plan your routes well and make sure to check the borders.

Know the lines you can and cannot cross.

# 3 - When in Rome, Do As The Romans

Don't look like a tourist.

Wear nondescript clothing, and don't bring any expensive jewellery or watches.

Blend in as best as you can.

# 4 - Vary Your Routes

Make sure you don't take the same route every time.

If you think you're being followed go into a populated place, like a restaurant or a bar.

# 5 - Learn Basic First Aid

Pack a first aid kit that includes the basics and consider taking a class or two in first aid.

Make sure your kit also includes a flashlight and a redundant form of communication.

# 6 - Make Friends With The Locals

Try to get in with the locals even if you don't speak the same language.

The fact that they know you exist can be very important if something happens.

They can also show you great places to go and the right restaurants to chose.

Don't hitchhike or get in a car with strangers.

# 7 - Check In With Your Embassy

Make sure to check in with your embassy or the closest one if the country you're travelling to doesn't have one.

Let them know your plans.

# 8 - Be Confident

Never look lost, even if you're pretending.

Make eye contact, be confident, don't looked scared or desperate.

# 9 - Don't Carry Cash

Don't keep large amounts of cash on you.

If you do have to carry more than the minimum, keep in well concealed.

# 10 - Consider Kidnapping Insurance

Kidnapping and ransom insurance is designed to protect individuals and corporations operating in high-risk areas.

They typically cover kidnapping, extortion, wrongful detention and hijacking.

Some policies include kidnap prevention training.

And don't forget travel is a wonderful thing...

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