Every guy should make this one change to get their skin ready for summer

Two issues pop up for guys more often in the summer than in any other season: sweating and sun damage.

According to Dr. Terrence Keaney, a dermatologist working with Dove Men+Care, sweat is primarily a problem for men in the summer months because they perspire nearly twice as much as women do.

And that’s not just under the arms — which can be handled with an anti-perspirant deodorant — but everywhere, including the face.

This leads to the other issue: the sun’s dreadful and damaging rays. Sun is primarily an issue from a dermatological point of view because men are less likely to use sunscreen, but have twice the rate of skin cancer.

“It’s a big issue for men to protect themselves from sunlight,” Keaney said.

If you sweat excessively, that can interfere with sunscreen and cause it to be less effective, eliminating the benefits of wearing it in the first place.

There is an easy way to combat both of these issues, however. A combination lightweight sunscreen and moisturizer can help prevent excess moisture on the face, ensuring your face is still protected throughout the day. This also helps you avoiding feeling like you have too much stuff on your face, which Keaney says is one of the top reasons men don’t wear sunscreen.

Some options for this style of product include Harry’s Daily Face Lotion ($7) and Clinique For Men Broad Spectrum Moisturizer ($26).

Another option is to use an oil control moisturizer, paired with a lightweight sunscreen separately, which would be even more effective in ensuring that sweat doesn’t get in the way.

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