12 Cooking Hacks For A Hassle-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cooking comes with its fair share of stressors.

From forgetting to buy the wine to burning the garage down when trying to deep-fry the turkey, lots of things could go wrong on the big day.

Have no fear — we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks to make this Thanksgiving run more smoothly.

Usually you would roast your turkey on a roasting rack, but there's a quick fix if you don't have one of those. Take a bunch of aluminium foil, roll it into a 3-foot snake, and then coil it into a swirl. Roast your turkey on top of the coil for a deliciously browned bird.

Don't settle for irregularly shaped homemade biscuits at your Thanksgiving feast. Use an upturned wine glass to make a perfectly portioned and circular biscuit.

To open a tightly closed jar, tear off a one-foot piece of duct tape. Attach a few inches to the lid and fold the trailing tape in half. Hold the jar in one hand and tug on the trailing duct tape with the other.

When you're cooking for a big group, it wastes time to scrub each potato before mashing. Run the whole bunch through the rinse cycle in your dishwasher. Just remember to skip the detergent.

Now look into booking your trip home.

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